Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing rich experiences to promote cognitive, social, and emotional development and ensure students have a solid foundation needed for lifelong learning. With a student-centered approach, students are active participants in their own learning. Activities are designed to allow students to explore and discover.

What is a student-centered approach to learning?

A student-centered approach to learning is focused on each student’s needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles. Students are active participants in their learning. Lessons and activities are designed to allow students to choose how they will learn. Research shows that personal involvement, intrinsic motivation, personal commitment, confidence in one’s abilities to succeed, and a perception of control over learning lead to more learning and higher achievement in school.
A student-centered classroom:
Strengthens student motivation
Promotes peer communication
Reduces disruptive behavior
Builds student-teacher relationships
Supports discovery/active learning
Encourages responsibility for one’s own learning
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