"Greatness comes from the beginning; something that does not end with us”

On what gift we wish to leave the world when we are no longer here. We are here to enrich the world & we impoverish ourselves if we forget the errand. We consider every child who enters the portals of SIS, a sacred trust from God, so as trustees of your children, we nurture them, guide them & empower them to shape their destinies. All achievements of the school are directed to achieve a spiritual formation, intellectual development, a strong sense of responsibility, an upright conscience, and awakening to social awareness in the child. It has been rightly said that "Information is knowledge & knowledge is power". I want to acknowledge one of the great strengths of our school, the caring relationship between our teachers & our students. May God enable every child in SUNRISE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to grow into great bodies in the days ahead! So let us join hands to build on the excellence for SUNRISE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, TDI CITY, KUNDLI.

It is the need of the time and age that we keep pace and at the same time do not lose ourselves in the present-day global scenario. 21st-century education makes a paradigm shift from the conventional information gathering and learning humanity, entrepreneurship, experimental learning & reasoning, leadership, teamwork and much more. We must ensure the child retains his / her identity in this competitive world. It aims to foster more creative learning and continuous assessment. The school on its part has taken a number of initiatives to achieve all the above objectives. But without the co-operation of parents, we cannot succeed in achieving our goal.
We are convinced that your ward is destined to become a good and responsible human being. This can be achieved by the collective effort of the child, parents, and teachers.

The STUDENT'S DIARY is an important means of interaction among the three. The parents must look into the child's school diary daily to ensure whether the lessons and assignments are done by their wards.

The parents must also take note of remarks or suggestions recorded in the diary by the teacher and should take corrective measures immediately. The parents are also requested to attend the PTM so that they may stay in close touch with the teachers and can also discuss the problem related to their wards.

Let us all make a collective effort to help the children in molding and shape their future and destiny by living a confident and stress-free life.


"If you want to rule by religion, you have to rule by peace, not by gun. ~ Unknown Libyan Citizen "