Co-Scholastic Curriculum

"Only a healthy child can learn effectively and good health leads to better learning". Many activities are necessary for the development of the affective and psychomotor domains. The activities like games and sport, art and music, craftwork, etc. are termed co-scholastic activities- as per CBSE guidelines.

SUNRISE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL requires its students to participate in various school activities – games, sports, crafts, music, etc. 
Students with a demonstrated passion in an area outside our usual platform are allowed to specialize or may design a program, provided it meets the school policy criteria. Across all our programs, we encourage student involvement, growth, and teamwork. All this spells an active and bustling student body.

Sports: includes cricket, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, taekwondo. Indoor games include- Table Tennis, Chess.
We also provide a swimming facility(The only School in the area with a properly sanitized pool).


Music/Dance: Music and dance is an integral part of the curriculum where our students have the opportunity to pursue instrumental and vocal music and/or any dance form.




Art & Craft: To bring out creativity, curiosity, and the power of imagination, students shall participate in a host of art and craft projects, explore their creative talents through a variety of mediums that include clay, fabric, sand, paint, paper, etc.


Dramatics: Students are encouraged to develop their public speaking and dramatic skills through elocution, debates, and recitation.

Yoga: Under qualified Yoga teachers, the students get an opportunity for self-empowerment and enlightenment.

"Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of "