Counseling Services

Counseling Services:
The facilities of providing services of a psychologist and counselor are available in the school. They take care of the needs of the students by proving them educational and vocational guidance. Behavioral counseling to children of all grades having an emotional, social and mental problem is also taken care of by these persons. 

Career Counseling:

1. HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT: It is one of the most recent concepts in the field of management courses... It is the most important & lucrative career in the health sector. As XII class prepares for their boards and are planning for their future Sunrise International School took their XII class students to Mount Abu School, Delhi for a special Workshop hosted to tell the importance and prospects in Hospitality Management.


2. COUNSELLING BY IEDUCATIONALIZE: iEducationalize organized Counseling Sessions, Presentations, One on One Counseling, for Class XII Students. This workshop aimed to act as a bridge between the students, courses, careers, and the Universities. Here, counselors from Flame University and IFIM Business School guided students on the importance of choosing the right college(in India or Outside) and talked about the importance of NOT just studying rather understanding the concept, building one profile, and being up to date on their general knowledge which is the current need of Globalization.


3. COUNSELLING BY AMITY UNIVERSITY: Sunrise international School organized a career counseling Program for Class XII students. The counselors from Amity University motivated and guided the students for different careers. Students found the program very enthusiastic and were encouraged by new innovative careers.

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