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Appearing for an Olympiad is beyond school. Olympiad exams are competitive examinations conducted at the school level. It is totally based on the school curriculum and is conducted by various independent organizations. These competitive exams aim to provide exposure to students and make them ready to face any challenge in the future.
Olympiads are highly challenging as it improves your aptitude and competitive spirit among students. Participating in Olympiad exams and representing one’s state or country at the national and international level gives satisfaction and pleasure to the students which itself is the best reward for them. 
Some prominent benefits of Olympiad Exams for a student are:
They are perfect to test a students’ conceptual understanding of the subject.
Improves the students’ problem-solving ability and challenges them to think analytically.
Prepares them for future competitive exams by testing a student’s aptitude as well as the knowledge of a particular subject. 
Provides exposure to students at the national as well as international platforms.
Instills the quality of hard work in the students by pushing them to prepare hard for the exam and improve their results.

Sunrise International School Student's proudly participated in the following Olympiads:

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