Principal's Message


Team work requires that everyone’s effort flow in a single direction. Feeling of significance happens when a team’s energy takes on a life of its own. 

At Sunrise International School, we are committed to bring the best output of our students through our teamwork only. We at S.I.S. realize the potentials of our young children. We know that in today’s world of competitions, the parents expect the holistic development of their wards through Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation & we are committed. We’ll definitely come up to their expectations. 
In the last once again I want to say few lines for my team… 

My team 

  • Makes me better than I am,
  • Multiplies my value to others,
  • Enables me to do what I do the best,
  • Allows me to help others do their best,
  • Gives me more time,
  • Provides me with companionship,
  • Helps me fulfil the desires of my heart,
  • Compounds my vision effort,
  • Empowers me to realize my dream.

Without my team, I would not be able to do anything of significance. 

  • Some inspire me,
  • Others come alongside me to help,
  • Some adopt my dreams as their own,
  • Each Person is very special to me,And I am so grateful for all of the ir help,
  • Union does everything when it is perfect.

"Best of luck to Everybody"